I’d Rather Be Making A Movie Presents A Clique Antics Production

3 Ways To Sunday

Written & Directed by Armand Montiel
Marci Pascua : Producer, Director of Photography, Editor
Joy Montiel: Executive Producer/ Caterer/ Lighting

Check of the trailer and clips from the film:
3 Ways To Sunday Movie Trailer
Promise Me
F$#k Your Sorry
Get A Job
Gimme A Bite
Deal Or What?
Potato Chips or Vinyl?


Dez (Jonathan Wilcox; MINT IN BOX, FINISH LINE: A CRUISE DOWN MEMORY LANE) is a vinyl-collecting, Vespa-riding mod who runs a local record shop.With bills climbing high, and not being able to pay the rent, Stan, (Sean Sedgwick; HIDDEN SECRETS, 25 TO LIFE) his Potato-chip-collecting best friend offers him the perfect solution.

He stumbles across a deal of a lifetime that will make both of them rich over night; he wants to buy a stack of vintage movie posters from someone who doesn’t know the value of them, with the intention of reselling the posters, and making a fortune.

They reluctantly borrow money from Stans brother-in-law, Jep, (Gehrig Mantle Miller; MINT IN BOX, SHINDY.TV) who already owes money to two malicious loan sharks (Aaron Mendez; MINT IN BOX, PALETAS, and Kevin Vigil; LOKO ARTS).

This too good to pass up money making opportunity spells trouble for everyone involved when it gets swiped from under them. These two friends discover who they really are and what they are capable of doing when things go awry.


Armand Montiel – Director/ Producer/ Writer – Three Ways To Sunday (2009), Mint In Box (2005)
Marci Pascua – Producer/ Director of Photography /Editor – Three Ways To Sunday (2009)
Richard Uruchurtu
Joy Montiel


Sean Sedgewick “Stan”
Gehrig Mantle Miller “Jep”
Kim Mulligan “Brea”
Shara Free “Yvette”
Steven Michael Steinhour “Charlie”
Josh Hyatt “Ed”
Thomas McCreary “Zac”
Mike Burnell “Director”
Enoch Wu “D.P.”
Josh Olson “Josh”
Jonathan Wilcox “Dez”
Aaron Mendez “Cheapea”
Beth Walz “Debbie Katz”
Aaron Hill “Henry”
Kasey Skinner “Martha”
Ryan Schulze “Sound Guy”
Eric Trigg “Bondage Guy”
Jennie Olson “Lady In Bar”